Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is your guilty pleasure?


I'm a twenty something year old suburbanite with a serious thing for the big city and all the fabulousness that comes with it. I love to travel, hang out with the girls, watch Desperate Housewives, anything new and spontaneous, to eat eat eat, and to SHOP - like disturbingly addicted (I would totally sacrifice a nutritious meal and downgrade from premium gas for a hot pair of shoes, dress, and a pedicure)!

This page is dedicated to all things that bring us fashion-obsessed ladies pleasure. I know what you're thinking, but were going a different route. This is a personal style blog where you'll find personal outfits, the fabulously chic people I come across, tasty treats, celebrity style, and maybe even beauty (which I must admit is not really my thing #teachme!) It will undoubtedly include my ultimate guilty pleasure, SHOES, and whatever else in life brings me a little pleasure! **he he**

So tell me... What is your haute guilty pleasure? Subscribe, follow, friend me, comment, suggest, email me... whatever... I want to hear from you!