Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Blue Ivy Carter

The world, at least 95% of it, has awaited this moment since Beyonce and Jay Z's big VMA announcement. If Blue Ivy's extravagant birth didn't stop the world from spinning, I think this just might bring it to a hault! PICTURES! I have to be honest and say I didn't expect to see this little girl until her 10th, maybe 16th, birthday. I just knew there was the possibility of poor Blue Ivy having to go through what the Jackson kids did, being covered by blankets and all. The Carters are so private, and rightfully so, that I thought we'd never see her.

THANK GOODNESS I WAS WRONG. The Carters finally released photos of their new princess - and they did it the right way. They didn't sell for as much as they could get (and I'm sure they could have gotten alot). They released when they were ready, and she was ready. Baby Blue Ivy Carter has to be one of the most perfect babies ever. Bey is glowing and so is Papa Carter. These photos touched my heart tonight and I wish Jay, Bey, and Blue many many many blessings!

Baby Blue Ivy Carter

Beyoncé Holding Baby Blue

Jay-Z Holding Baby Blue

Baby Blue Ivy Carter Asleep

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Inspiration - Solange Knowles

How gorgeous? Solange Knowles has finally escaped the shadows of her older sister. Her style has evolved fabulously! This Vera Wang dress is beautiful on her. It was brilliantly modified and perfectly paired with the suede platform pumps. My natural hair sister completely rocked this!

And I must mention Momma Knowles is also looking fabulous in the back!